Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MUSINGS OF THE DAY - July 22, 2015

"Hope is not a resting place but a starting point - a cactus, not a cushion."

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. - 

Who can resist this one? Whenever I've been given hope, and I accept it as a true gift to utilize there is action to take. 

The action involved in changing from one thing to another is never comfortable and sometimes is downright annoying, but if I want the result of hope, then I must act on what hope tells me is possible. 

Simple enough. 

Not necessarily easy.

I've been traveling and enjoying the summer with my boys, but with all this playing there has been a lapse from maintaining my blog. I still wrote but nothing for the blog; all my writing was for other projects, which is great that I was able to keep on task with those.

My hope is that I will secure my routine for my blog, keep posting musings and stories, maybe even some poetry. My hope offers me possibility. The possibility of doing what I hope to do. 

Of course, to do what I hope to do I must act, so I am experiencing the cactus not the cushion. I cannot rest on my laurels, thinking the blog-writing will manifest itself. 

So I write.