Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WRITING QUOTE - January 7, 2015

People can lose their lives in libraries. They ought to be warned. 

- Saul Bellow - 

The town I live in now has a very small library, almost to the point of not having enough niches to hide in with a good book, but I still find sanctuary there. My hometown had two large libraries: the university library and the public library. My favorite was the university library, because there were several floors and lots of lost spaces where I could lose myself and the day. 

One of my favorite things was to walk down the aisles of books, all numbered and stacked, on display and ready for my consumption. There was something magical about it--a place where other worlds collided, the ultimate spark of imagination.

Just for fun, here's a library story of my own:

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

WRITING QUOTE - January 6, 2015

Writers perform an extremely important role: they make others dream, those who are unable to dream for themselves. And everyone needs to dream. Could there be any more important job in life than that?

- Felix J. Palma, The Map of the Sky - 

I was the little girl while camping, laying in the darkened tent with her friends, who told scary stories. When babysitting, the kids would ask me to tell them stories before they went to sleep. With my own children I have lain in their beds creating imaginary worlds where trees sing and little boys fight sleep but never win.

I have a plethora of short stories and not so short stories in my desk and on my computer, all telling a different tale. Some I submit, some I don't. Some I write for a particular friend and give as a gift. Others come from a brief meeting with a stranger on a bus or in a store. And still others come from my own dreams, which I wake from in the middle of the night with such a compulsion to write I can't sleep.

And over the years, I have lost myself in another's writing, in another world, invested and moved, sometimes to the point of changing my life.